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Jim Crownover is here. We paddled Cartwheel Creek and Mill Holland Creek this afternoon. It is now definite, we will paddle Queens Creek Friday. We will be at the Queens Creek Bridge on Queens Creek Road at 9:00 AM. We will wait until 9:15 if anyone tells us they are joining us. We will paddle upstream as far as we can and return. This is all exploratory for us. The attached picture is Jim way up Mill Holland Creek. Elmer, The White Oak River Trash Man!!

Jim Crownover and I discovered a whole new river and paddle trail for you today! I have never paddled so long and seen so little trash. We put in at Queens Creek Bridge which is a private put-in but the public is using it. The owner will be developing it soon probably as a full fledged marina. Something was here before the hurricanes lately. This is downstream left. We paddled upstream. We went to the end of every tributary on the east side going up. When we came to the main fork in the river we went right which is the continuation of Queens Creek. It goes under Rte 24 to the north. The culverts under the road are huge and must be10 x 12. I paddled through both of them. The river above is cut off by numerous blow downs. We can park on the shoulder of Rte 24 You can even park behind the guardrail. There is good access to the river on downstream left. There is one bump over at low tide. All else has been cut by someone, not professional and made it canoeable to the marsh lands which are only a short distance .down stream. It took us 2 hours back to Queens Creek Bridge. whereas it took us four hours going up exploring every side creek. But the main point here is to realize that one could paddle all the way down to the new Hammocks Beach State Park. This makes a wonderful one day paddle with plenty of time to play around and enjoy yourself on the way. The bird life was spectacular. Elmer, The White Oak River Trash Man!!

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