These are pictures of the our trip from Howe Township Park to Duncannon on June 30, 2001.










I only got a few pictures. I hope someone else can send me some.

Juniata River Trip Saturday June 30, 2001

We had 18 people on this trip, 14 men and 4 women 4 canoes and 12 kayaks.

John and Pat Meister Canoe Jim Crownover Oldtown Otter Mike Crownover Wilderness craft Ride James McNulty Wilderness craft Pungo Phil Heisley Dagger Crossover Shelba Purtle Brad and Andy Dorothy Brown Canoe Dirk and Donna Dixon Canoe

I forgot the other names. I am getting too old. I should have made a list.

Meeting time at 8:00 AM near the take out in Duncannon.

We will meet in Duncannon at the Old Sledworks. We will meet in the parking lot at the far end away from the Duncannon Tower.

After we leave some vehicles for shuttle we will take the boats up to the park and launch. It is a very nice trip when the Newport gage says 4 feet. It looks like the river will be around 4 feet this weekend

This should get us in the water at about 8:30. We should take a slow easy trip of about 4 hours or so on the water. That leaves some time for surfing or whatever.

Is that OK with everyone?

This trip is a 10-mile trip from Howe Township Park to Duncannon.

It is a real nice trip with several small ledges and one a little bigger with a nice wide easy shoot.

The following urls will show you the pictures. The river level should be about the same as it was for the following trips.

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Howe Township Park is a new park on the north side of the Juniata River. It is 2.5 miles downstream from Newport if you would be coming in from that direction.

There is no sign and it is a little difficult to find.

Coming in from Duncannon, as we will be doing, we go on 322 west to the Midway exit. Then we go along the river towards Newport. We pass a gas station with a campground and then go 2.5 miles to the park.

Again there is no sign at this entrance either. It looks like a driveway into a house, but this one is marked by a blue van for sale. Once we enter the park you will see it is a very nice place. Just a little hard to find, so nobody knows it is there. We should all stay together to make sure everyone gets there.

Is it OK for members of Canoe Club of Greater Harrisburg to use the far end of your parking lot, no problem ,Jim. Just have someone stop into our office to alert us when doing so. Regards, Jimmy Rosen Old Sled Works P.O. Box 8, 722 North Market Street Duncannon, PA 17020 717-834-9333


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